Our Mission...

The Diabetes CARE Collaborative is a group of community minded individuals from healthcare organizations, community organizations and government agencies working together to improve the lives of community members with diabetes and those that are at risk for diabetes through education, awareness and advocacy.

Diabetes CARE Collaborative: Our Background

Creating Access, and sharing REsources in Marion and Polk Counties

The Community Benefit Committee of the Board of Trustees of Salem Health coordinated a community advisory group to further understand the burden of diabetes in our community. In October 2013, the group strongly encouraged the Board to consider supporting diabetes community impact work aimed at improving diabetes health outcomes. 

The proposal recommended the development of a collaborative aimed at improving population health outcomes for community members with diabetes. 

The initial meeting of stakeholders was held November 2014. Charter members included representatives from 13 different community and healthcare organizations. Our first brainstorming sessions used the chronic care model as a guide to developing goals and community specific tactics to decrease the burden of diabetes in our community as well as improve individual outcomes for those struggling with, or at risk for, diabetes.  We continue to use the Chronic Care Model as a basis for our strategic planning as we aim to improve the lives of those in our community with diabetes and work to prevent it in those at risk.  The group meets monthly.

The Chronic Care Model