Professional Resources

Guidelines and Practice Standards

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategic Plan for 2012-2017

The HPCDP strategic plan tackles chronic disease prevention with a comprehensive, community-wide approach to help people eat better, move more, live tobacco free, and take care of themselves. This means achieving better health, better care, and lower health care costs for all Oregonians.

Clinical Practice Recommendations

Standards of medical Care in Diabetes are revised annually by the American Diabetes Associations' multidisciplinary Professional Practice Committee. Position statements and reports as well as National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support are available.

Oregon law (ORS 433.800-830) authorizes lay persons to be trained to administer glucagon injections to persons experiencing severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and epinephrine injections to persons experiencing severe allergic reactions, The Public Health Division is responsible for developing training protocols for the training of emergency providers and their periodic retraining.  To request glucagon administration training, if training is not available through your local educational service district, school district or employer, contact the American Diabetes Association at 503-736-2770, extension 7293. Resources include a Training Protocol: Emergency Glucagon Providers, Glucagon Training Protocol Powerpoint Presentation, and Emergency Epinephrine Training Protocol.